Thursday, 21 January 2010

Making an interesting library

This is an interesting new library in Australia. I'm not altogether sure I'd be comfortable living in it (certainly not with those chairs!), but it's definitely an eye-opener!

Looking at it, I'm not altogether sure it would cost a lot more to kit a library out this way, as opposed to something rather more traditional. We've done quite a lot of library refurbishment over the past few years, mostly done in the style of modern book stores, and they've gone down pretty well. With the exception of the new-look Darnhill Library we've not really been adventurous as far as the children's library area's concerned, though. If and when we ever move a library into a fully-fledged joint use building with the public end of different services being integrated, I'd hope we'd end up having some part of the operation feeling like Mt. Gambier Library.

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