Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Coping with Twitter

I'm not yet a convert to Twitter. I've been having a play with paper.li and have converted my Twitter into a daily newspaper. And suddenly, I can not only cope with it, I quite like it. I'm still not convinced as to how this deals with non-business tweets so I've had Albert Shark RN tweet something so that I can see how it fits in, or not.

Besides the fun of having a bit of a play I think there's a serious point here. We need to be careful to provide a variety of user interface formats for our service channels, not just in order to meet the needs of different platforms and delivery mechanisms but also the needs of the different customers. You'd like to think that was a given, wouldn't you? I'm not always convinced of this: the needs of the body corporate can too often force a one-size-fits-all, lowest common denominator type of usability testing. To a large extent this is unavoidable with the core corporate web site as that really is required to be one-size-fits-all. The important thing is to re-use and refocus the content in as many different additional channels as can be practicable.

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