Monday, 19 July 2010

It's nice when something works

We've been doing customer surveuys using one of CRT's Viewpoint workstations for a while now. They're pretty robust and largely trouble-free, which is always a welcome set of attributes. I find creating a survey a bit of a faff but not so much as to be off-putting.

What's really good is the analysis and reporting tools. Within half an hour of uploading the data I've got access to a very straightforward mass of meaningful statistics that can be easily exported to a spreadsheet for tarting up.

Particularly nice is that all the iffy stuff gets quarantined. If it's obvious that somebody's just been hitting keys or inputting a pre-disposed set of answers the responses get put to one side for you to check up on. We knew this latest survey had been nobbled by somebody with an axe to grind, so I'd set myself up to go through the data to see if I could identify the offending responses on the days involved. Much to my delight, I found that they'd all already been shunted over to the Quarantine folder (on account of their being twelve very similar responses in the space of ten minutes). I'm suitably impressed.

Looking through the responses to open-ended questions is always an education. It shouldn't surprise me that youngsters see it as the opportunity to post love grafitti on the screen ("Charlotte loves Lewis TLFE"). Looking at this set I'm going to suggest to the Branch Assistant that she should have a word in Nathan's ear: if he doesn't borrow lots more books we'll tell Caitlyn about Bridie and Bridie about Caitlyn.

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